Chihuahua Clothing

There’s no doubt about it: Chihuahuas are tiny dogs. That may make them cute and easy to care for, but it also means they’re quick to lose body heat. If you live somewhere warm your Chihuahua may always be at a comfortable temperature, but if you’re in a cooler region or in a place where it rains a lot, it’s worth considering Chihuahua clothing for your pet. Some Chihuahuas love the attention and easily get used to wearing a sweater or other clothes. Others only want a sweater or jacket to go out into cool air or rainy weather. Good clothes for Chihuahuas ┬áleave them free to move about. It’s good to avoid garments with parts that can get caught on furniture or other things as the dog goes by.

Who You Calling Tiny?Chihuahua Clothing to Reduce Anxiety

Besides making a fashion statement, some clothes your Chihuahua is comfortable in may help control anxiety. This doesn’t help all Chihuahuas, but in some situations, a nice, snug shirt or sweater may help keep a worried pet calm.

Chihuahua ClothingFinally, remember that even little dogs are really good at getting dirty! The right Chihuahua garment may be just the thing to keep your pet a little cleaner on walks or out in the yard.