Grooming a Chihuahua

Maintain a Healthy Coat

Grooming a Chihuahua is an easy and enjoyable task. Smooth coated (short-haired) Chihuahuas are easier to brush, but long-haired individuals do not need an exceptional amount of brushing. In either case, a thorough brushing about once a week will help remove loose hair and maintain hair and skin health. Regular brushing also helps reduce the need for frequent baths. As with any grooming activity, consistent, regular brushing helps accustom the animal to the procedure.

Easy Eye-Care

Grooming a ChihuahuaChihuahuas do not have especially troublesome eyes and ears, but these areas bear some attention. Don’t let tear-stains build-up. A soft cloth dampened with warm water will help clean the discharge and there are several commercial wipes that can be carried as a handy alternative when the Chi is away from home. Check the ears regularly, it is a quick and easy part of grooming a Chihuahua and you can do so at least every time you brush the dog to ensure there is no odor or visible wax build-up. Your veterinarian can direct you to an appropriate cleanser, if necessary.

Say Chis! Keep Those Teeth Clean

Some Chihuahuas are prone to dental issues, but a healthy diet and regular brushing will prevent almost all of these problems. Brushing your Chihuahua’s teeth can be difficult until the dog is conditioned to accept the practice, so it is best to begin regular brushing as a puppy and maintain a consistent pattern. Some dogs become so accustomed to the procedure that they’ll ask for it! Some say that grooming a Chihuahua is best left to professionals, but with a little patience just about any Chi will accept regular grooming as a treat.